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About Us

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we provide loans and grants

The bank that turns your dreams into reality, Kotila Bank & Insurance is a subsidiary of the multinational WEI-GROUP LTD ( WASSOULOU EMPIRE INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED) registered at number 13344099 based in London (35 Firs Avenue, London, England, N113NE).
Its main objective is to become the undisputed and indisputable leader in the process of socio-economic development of African States.
Its priority is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of easy access to micro-finance, but also the financing of innovative development projects and social infrastructure of all kinds (roads, railways, schools, hospitals, social housing, etc)


Why choose us?

We will prioritize serving small and medium-sized businesses by providing loans and grants; we are looking to be a bank that offers unwavering support to innovative projects. Innovation and creative means will be employed so Africa can have its rightful place amidst developed continents.

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